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Dragon Rash Guard

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The Dragon is the only metaphysical creature in Eastern European and Asian calendars along side regular animals. He is the anomaly. Bound to no one. the dragon has always been portrayed as a strong villain or hero; exact status purposely unclear. It is what you make of it. What you take in. Who you are. No doubt it is the strength, power, and mystery that surrounds its appeal.

This rash guard is a reflection of that mystic strength that comes from within as well as a contrast between dissonance and consonance that we battle with on daily basis. The rough lines exhibit the dissonance, the rough; the grind. To the eye it might seem annoying, as if you want to resolve the abstract mess. The purposeful juxtaposition yarns a feeling of resolution and that is displayed on the back where it is more pure; white. There is clarity. It is where you are headed. the focus is now on you, the dragon, clear-minded waring off the mess and havoc of the darkness. Like a Dim7 chord resolving to a tonic; there is beauty in imperfection, to unfinished lines. This rash guard is about capturing that essence and that strength and infinite belief in the Dragon.

Comfortably smooth fabric for those who like a more of a lighter fabric feel. Great stretch. Long torso design to help ride up less. Anti-slip hem at bottom. Polyester and spandex. No irritation seam-free armpit design that is great for 360 degree arm movement.

Polyester & Spandex. For now available in sizes  M, L, XL 

P.S. Don't forget to check out the care instructions.