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Fasoko™ Rash Guard Care Instructions

The care instructions on the tag are brief that so it is important for you to read this and follow the extra care to give your product maximum longevity.

Once you receive the product go ahead and wash it once in COLD water. Ideally rash guards should be hand washed right after practice and not thrown in the hamper for the end of the week. But who has time for that right? So if you must use a washing machine, please wash it on cold with similar clothing and colors in a net bag. Meaning DO NOT wash your rash guard with jeans (that have zippers) and anything with velcro on it like MMA shorts. If you see a loose thread, snip it with sharp scissors but not too close to the garment. Always wash your rash guard inside out in a delicates net bag. It will make it last! Hang dry. Rash guards dry fast, so it is best to hang dry and not put in the hot dryer which will shrink it over time and cook the polyester fibers.

PILLING. It will happen eventually. Polyester is made up of short fibers and they are liable to “pilling”. In time you may notice small white bobbles of fabric work themselves out of the main panel of fabric. This is unavoidable and happens during training because of constant friction whether it is on the mat or against your opponent. And sometimes your opponent will have that velcro, which can totally ruin your wear pulling out the little polyester fibers. Think of this: if you did not wear a rash guard on the mat your skin would be peeling off right? The rash guard being the only factor stopping that from happening, unavoidably it takes some serious beating. So use it for its purpose, do not worry about it on the mat and focus on why you are there. There will always be cool new rash guards to buy!