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Skull Buddha Rash Guard

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The Skull-Buddha is about the Yin-Yang balance in life. It exemplifies the internal struggle between good and evil, havoc and peace, ugly and the beautiful. And most of all: darkness vs light that we all carry. Both evil and good have power and strength that might drive a victory on the mat, but in the end it is fleeting power. Anger can fuel you in a fight and prove victorious, but it is inconsistent and unreliable. We believe everyone is trying to be good; their version of it. Their understanding of it. Each one of us holds on to the justification of those actions that we believe gets us closer to the win. Which is your battle? The Skull or the Buddha?

Comfortably durable fabric for those who like a more of a thicker fabric feel. Great stretch. Long torso design to help ride up less. Anti-slip hem at bottom. Polyester and spandex. No irritation seam-free armpit design that is great for 360 degree arm movement.

Polyester & Spandex. For now available in sizes  M, L, XL 

Before ordering please refer to the size chart and measure yourself thoroughly as our rashies fit on the larger side.

P.S. Don't forget to check out the care instructions.